The snow last week

I know, I have been bad again and again and again. I promise to blog more and share with the 12 people here about my life but let’s face it, I am not that interesting. And well, unlike other bloggers in town, I do have a life outside and not on my computer. Enough about that.

The new year has been pretty good so far. Wish we had more snow. The five inches we got last week was, well, crappy and the city did a terrible job of clearing the streets. I know, it’s the first storm. I know, it was snowing all day and it’s hard to clear when it is snowing. Fine, it’s five inches. Our Town ™ should be able to clear five inches of snow even if it is snowing and even with cars on the road. And I will give credit to say the streets were fine the next day. But come on, I was driving around town and it was sloppy, snow-packed and just a mess.

Mrs. Conductor, however, was happy as our new van, the Mazda5 of Love, did fine in the snow. Apparently, it has some type of traction control on it and she felt like she wasn’t going to die. This the woman who moved from the Deep South 10 years ago and still has never learned how to drive on snow. To her, there is black ice lurking everywhere.

Then, the snow is gone within a day or two and the weather is back to being downright balmy. Only to plummet again to freezing cold. Dammit, make up your mind. If you want to be cold, fine, stay cold. If you want to be hot, stay hot. I can’t get used to the weather and I can’t figure out how to dress. Annoying as hell.

But on the plus side, we park our cars outside and haven’t had to scrap our windows that much nor warm up the cars that much. The kids are okay with it as they don’t have to deal with the snow when they go to school. Oh, they love to play in it but don’t want to have to walk through it to get to the car. That’s the weather update. I’ll report more later.


It’s hot, damn hot

25 seconds into the clip. It’s hot.

Cold enough for ya?

I know it’s winter and it’s central Illinois. I know we get snow and cold weather, but the temperature on my computer (I have a weather bug thingy) says minus 5. That’s damn cold. That’s really cold. Actually, I kinda like it. Why? It makes you feel rugged and cool to tell your friends in warmer climes that “huh, you think 40 is bad. It was minus five here.” Of course, they don’t know we hate it too and they don’t know we don’t stand outside for long periods of time. You basically hurry in and out. Still, rugged, manly. I must grunt in my manish sound.. There, I am done.

The kids, however, hate it. The girl ™ pulled her Spiderman hat over her yes. Yes, it is Spiderman. It was the boy’s until he got too big and now she wants to be just like him. I am thrilled but Mrs. Conductor says she needs to wear pink. I say, no way. Or at least, as much as I can get away with. Her coat is pink as as her sneakers. And she had a mauve shirt. That’s plenty. Spiderman rocks, btw. The boy ™ slipped on the ice outside the house on his way to the car. His reaction was “dad, I need my skates.” That’s my boy.


I was at Shop & Save and there was a near riot in the store as people were stocking up on things. Think the “Walking Dead” on AMC with the scenes of panic from zombies. Mrs. Conductor is already planning for Armageddon and vowing never to drive again as there is a quarter inch of snow.

People, here’s my plea. It is winter in Peoria. I know we don’t get much snow and I know the roads are slick but it’s winter. Just deal with it. Ugh.

What was up with that wind?

Admit it, you all dug the high winds. Really, it was kinda cool. Walking downtown was interesting as depending upon which way you were going, the wind would actually push you up the street. I honestly can say I don’t remember that much sustained wind as a kid when there wasn’t a storm brewing. Sure, we had windy days but that was like two or three days of high wind. Most times, you get one day or an afternoon.

In honor of the high winds, I watched the tornado chaser show on TV last night and confirmed what I have always thought, 1, they are crazy. 2, they are huge nerds who are codependent on each other and 3. they have too much free times on their hands if having a good time means headed into a highly destructive weather event that nearly everyone else flees.

Enter the Air Conditioning

Well, I broke down late last week and got the AC in my car fixed. It still doesn’t work the way it used to but the car is 12 years old. Nothing works the way it used to. Want to know what got me to cave? The fabric in my ceiling is starting to come off and well, it looks trashy. I think it was the constant blowing of the wind that caused the initial tear. So I caved. It wasn’t that much money but it was something. And now my car is cooler but not completely and I still need shades for the back windows. The girl ™ was in the car for 20 minutes as we drove to the RiverPlex for some swimming. In that time, she got a mild case of heat exhaustion, I think, and a sun burn on her legs. Amazing. The boy ™ was fine. In fact, he loves the windows down as he says it makes the car go “super fast.” Or something like that.

We managed a date night thanks to a friend, and went to Seven in the Heights. Good food and good service. Mrs. Conductor’s steak wasn’t cooked right and they replaced it with a new piece of meat as well as cooking me a new slice of salmon. I had been waiting for her and mine got cold. Kudos to people who get the concept of good service. Too often if they mess up a meal, you either just eat it as it’s not worth the hassle or they recook the same piece which makes the whole thing unappealing. Props to good service.

Wonderful weather and no more soccer!!!!

What a week. We have a wonderful weather for about five days, no rain, pleasant temps, little humidity. The Cardinals managed to win a game and the Journal Star is writing about hockey again. Combine that with the unfortunate demise of US Soccer, and all is good. I know, you are saying, don’t hate on soccer.  It’s the World Cup but these players take dives that would make the Academy Awards. Combine that with terrible officiating and those stupid horns, and well, I am sick of the World Cup.

But you can’t get down on the weather. Its the end of June and it’s just glorious outside and while the car still doesn’t have air conditioning, it’s not as bad. Really. This weather is kinda nice. We’ll be swimming later in the day with the blow-up pool in the back yard. Nothing like six inches of water to make a toddler and a preschooler go nuts. 🙂

More later. I have lots of things running through my mind such as why did they make an A-Team movie without Mr. T? What the hell. If there is ever a movie that screams for the T, it’s that. I haven’t seen the new version but the TV blurbs look awful. I mean, it looks downright painful. I will likely rent it. 🙂