Great Super Bowl Ad, if you are a hockey fan

Yes, I am more of a hockey guy now than a football guy. Sure, I dig football; all guys do but for some reason, it never really connected with me the way hockey and baseball have. So when I saw this ad on YouTube, I thought, wow. I wish they would come and film our beer league team….

It’s apparently a flash mob type of a thing as the commercial states that the players didn’t know people were showing up. That said, they had to know something as they are being filmed. Real or not, I love it. As someone who plays in a low-level beer league, we just want to have people in the stands (well, if we are winning). Sure, they would never do this with a low-level league like mine but hey, a boy can dream….


First hockey games

I really do want to blog more about what is happening with the family but who has the time, really. The holidays completely snuck up on me and now I am scrambling to make things right and still make it to work each day. So what’s our big news? The boy had his first two hockey games the past two weeks and did great. He’s scored three times, which is kinda low but more importantly, he’s passing the puck, and watching the plays develop. Scoring on an empty net isn’t the most important thing. For his age level, there are no goalies and no one keeps score. It’s a learn to skate, learn to play program which for six, is just fine.

But he’s passing the puck, helping his teammates and staying focused in the game which is super. And the girl is loving it as well. she’s his biggest fan. Which is another issue because she can’t wait to get out there on the ice. Yet, I have this feeling that when she does, she’s going to realize that ice is cold and hard. Falling sucks. We’ll see but she’ll be three in March so that’s when the lessons start for her.

And of course, we have “that parent” on our squad this year. By “that parent,” I mean the parent who doesn’t get that we don’t keep score, that their son or daughter (to protect the innocent) isn’t going to be the next Wayne Gretzky in one year and for the love of Pete, don’t worry so much. Yes, I realize that you don’t want your child to be the worst on the team (they aren’t) but you don’t have to yell about the coaches, the other players and how your child should score every time they touch the puck. At this age, just enjoy the game, learn the basic idea and move on from there. Ugh. Mom of this child was screaming their little Johnny or Jannie should be in the green dots, the highest level of skaters. Of course, he or she (the child) can’t stop, has trouble turning and falls a lot which is fine for his or her first year on the ice. Oh well, I guess it adds to the experience.

Happy Birthday to the boy ™

He’s six today. Unreal. Six years old. I remember when he was born, I remember his first birthday. I remember the nights he wouldn’t sleep and I remember when he learned to walk. I remember the snuggles, the hugs, and the tears. I remember his first words (mama) and I remember when he learned to say daddy. I confess I can’t remember life without him. Well, yes, but not really. It seems so long ago. But to be honest, I wouldn’t want that life back even if I could have it. He’s too much fun.

Six. wow. We are in kindergarten, playing soccer, hockey, and soon to be wrestling. He’s my big guy, my best friend and my snuggle bug. I love ya, buddy. Take care and have a great day.

Again, I slacked

Sorry about that, Just been a hugely busy month. Let’s go through the month, shall we?

  • Got a new car which for me is a traumatic experience. The Mazda5 we have seems to do great and the wife and kids love it. I am not thrilled with the crappy gas mileage (22 in town and so far,don’t know for a long trip) but as long as momma’s happy, everyone else is happy, right?
  • Our hockey team stopped a three game losing streak and whooped up on a team 5-1. of course, our leading scorer and best defense man just moved out of town so who knows how things are going to do this weekend.
  • Made to the air show where I had my annual love fest with the A-10 warthog. Man, I just dig that plane. something about a big-ass cannon, an armored bathtub surrounding the pilot and the fact that it’s just “ugly” to the fighter jocks that just makes me want to give the A-10 a virtual hug. The boy ™ again didn’t care and was thrilled with the Lego table.
  • But on the plus side, he’s in new hockey skates, can beat 8-year-olds in a flat-out sprint and now knows how to put together some of his Lego sets we have gotten him over the years. Got a Star Wars thingy and it was assembled in 20 minutes. Still can’t do the Transformers but that’s okay. We just play with them as robots.
  • The girl ™ is all 2, speaking better and loves to sit on the potty. Kinda weird in some sense but she loves to go potty so her idea of a good time is to hunker down with a good book. She reads upside down and don’t know what it is about (one book was about trucks; the other was about foreign policy) Still trying to get the hang of it but she’s gone a few times on the potty so the end of the diapers is in sight. Thank goodness.
  • The heat broke a bit from last week and I can’t wait to see my CILCO bill. I don’t think our AC unit stopped running for a week. I mean, the hum outside was constant.

So that is it for now. Just relaxing. Hoping for a kayaking trip soon and if so, I’ll post pictures. If not, then I don’t know. Beyond that, keep cool.

We got barking deer!

The Journal Star has the hard-hitting story of the barking deer found at the Peoria Zoo. Give me a hell yeah! I’ll quote from Wikipedia:

Muntjac, also known as Barking Deer, are small deer of the genus Muntiacus. Muntjac are the oldest known deer, appearing 15 to 35 million years ago, with remains found in Miocene deposits in France, Germany and Poland.

Bitchin’ Camero! They even have a Web site. Here’s a picture of the bad-ass barking deer:

Hey, who let the deer out.. woof woof! And here’s a video of the deer:

ARKive video - Reeve's muntjac - overview


Dude, who needs hippos. we have a deer that can lick its own eye and bark! WOOF. I love Peoria.

Bring back the pygmy Hippos

Talk about a bait and switch. Remember when they sold us the Zoo and said we would have pygmy hippos running around along with the rhinos and the lions. Remember that? Well, it’s been a few years since the exhibit opened at the Peoria Zoo and so far, no pygmy hippos.

Look, I know the drive-by media or the Lamestream media is all fixed on the IMAX at the museum but what about the hippos. What about the outrage from the bloggers who are all bent out of shape over hte name of a screen? Come on Puundit or Chronicle, do some deep diggin on this. I want the hippos here at the Peoria Zoo.

Of course, they are scared to touch the hippo story and let’s face it, hippos are bad Mother… (shut your mouth). There are probably people in the berg that is Peoria who are hating on the hippos. You probably think, ‘hey, we got river hogs. Who needs a pygmy hippo. It’s not the real thing. They don’t have big huge tusks or try to kill anything that comes near them.’ Well, hate no more. Pygmy hippos are cool as the other side of the pillow.  You think I am kidding. Check out this passage from wikipedia and then back off on hating on the hippos:

Pygmy hippos spend most of the day hidden in rivers. They will rest in the same spot for several days in a row, before moving to a new spot. At least some pygmy hippos make use of dens or burrows that form in river banks. It is unknown if the pygmy hippos help create these dens, or how common it is to use them. Though a pygmy hippo has never been observed burrowing, other artiodactyls, such as warthogs, are burrowers.

Ah yeah, Now tell me how cool would this be if you were  at the zoo and saw this:

I rest my case. Spread the hippo love! Maybe the zoo will compensate us and get the big hippos who attack anything and whom crocs fear. That’s be fun. 🙂

Up in the morning to risin’ sun

Well, actually, I was at up 3 a.m. this morning because, well, I had to clean the house and wash the dishes. It sucked at first but over the course of the morning, it wasn’t so bad. Actually, I got a lot done with everyone sleeping. Got the dishes done, the toys put away, the trash taken out and got to have two cups of coffee with a full read of the morning’s newspaper.

Just wish the rest of the day wasn’t going to be as rough as I know it is going to be. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Rivermen are playing tonight against one of the best teams in the league. Hopefully, they will prevail. Then again, they can’t do any worse than the Braves who just suck this year. I mean, really, 0-3 in the MVC? Come on.