It’s Potty-time, yeah yeah

The girl ™ went on the potty twice this morning and now is at the daycare in underpants. She’s thrilled and so proud of herself that it is comical. She’ll walk up to people and tel them, whether she knows them or not, that she want on the potty. Great stuff and now we have a few weeks of lots of soiled clothes but I am seeing an end of the diapers within a few months. That’ll be nice. Though, it does mean that I have to figure out how to take her in the men’s bathroom when she has to go. For you ladies out there, it’s often not the cleanest place in the world and not some place you want to sit down or touch anything. Sigh.

But she’s thrilled, and she’s wearing the boy’s old underwear. yes, we washed it in hot water and yes, it is Spider-man or Cars or something boy like. But she loves it and didn’t want pink princess stuff. Frankly, I think that’s good. I have raged about this for years. Why do girls get the short end of the stick and are forced into only two or three colors and the same Disney Princess images? Let her wear Cars if she wants. Think Danica Patrick of NASCAR. She’s all woman. Just ask Go…


The boy ™ is annoying

ARGH!!! Yep, that’s what I was thinking last night and possibly this morning when the boy ™ had a freakin’ meltdown at the ice rink last night. Why, you ask? because he refused to wear his mouth guard to practice, so he had to throw a fit in the locker room (in front of parents), in the rink (in front of coaches, players and staff) and at home. I was thrilled. Some background.

Last week, the boy ™ was at practice and fell on his head, suffering a mild concussion or at least, concussion-like symptoms. He’s fine now and was fine without any symptoms two hours after the fall but at the time it was scary so we took him to the ER. They told us no physical activity for a week and then on the ice, he needs his mouth guard. It’s a good idea anyway but we never used it because, well, he’s six, they don’t check and no one really hits too hard. So he hasn’t really worn it and I confess, it does suck but we are mom and dad (and I am a coach) so when we say wear it, you wear it right?

Errr. no. Instead, he decided to throw a fuse, not get onto the ice and sulk, cry and just being a tired six-year-old. Of course, Mrs. Conductor and I weren’t pleased for a few reasons. We took off work for practice so that’s annoying. He embarrassed us in front of people see regularly, and three, he was listening when we were trying to do what was best for him.

So we left practice, lots of crying and what not. He gets home and decides that he will wear his mouth guard (the threat was hockey was gone for good), and then wore it around the house for much of the night. Loved it. He wanted to try to eat dinner with it. Sigh.

Riddle me this

Why does the boy ™ who is six demand toys like Legos and other things that cost some coin and then not want to play with them. Instead, he likes to play with toys for the girl ™ who is two. Yes, they are his old toys from four years ago but really, a pink building block is fun for a boy? Or an Elmo car? Really?

We threatened to take his toys away and he said fine. Do it. I don’t know if he thinks he can call our bluff or if he doesn’t really care. Wow,  he outbluffed me. I am upset.

World Series, Rally Squirrel, Start of Hockey Season and just life

Wow, the Cardinals win the World Series and I Called it. Seven games. Wonderful. The boy ™, Mrs. Conductor and I watched the final few innings. we had gone to a hockey game that night. I know, how can you do that. Well, first off, my kids love hockey first. And while the Rivermen lost, it was still fun. Second, I am trying to ease the boy ™ into baseball as he hasn’t played yet and he doesn’t like watching sports on TV even hockey. So forcing him to sit through the game wouldn’t have been good.

But with a few innings left and the tension and seeing all the fans going nuts, he got into it. And by the end of the game was going nuts just like his mom and dad. I don’t know what to say about that series that hasn’t been said. Wow. I confess to all 12 people who read this. I thought the Birds were done with two strikes in the Ninth. And I thought they were done in the 10th after Hamilton hit that dinger. Game 6 was a terrible game for the first two-thirds but that ending will live forever. A friend at the game said he’d buy the game on DVD. I don’t know as part of the fun and the excitement was not knowing. If you knew the outcome, the tension just isn’t there. And then game 7. Carp. You are the man. Freese. Wow. Rally Squirrel, I love ya.

After the win and on Saturday, we had to go out to Dick’s and get the boy ™ a hat. He wanted it and hasn’t taken it off since. He went Trick or Treating in it. He was the only Knight with a baseball hat on. Not the best armor but who cares. He’s a Cards fan. Our friends whom we went ToT with are diehard Cub fans so it was even better. 🙂 The girl ™ was a dragon, btw.

So now that Halloween’s done and we are moving on to winter, it’s hockey season. I am officially a hockey dad now as I have entered the portion of hazing that is 8 a.m. practices. The boy ™ is 6 and we have 8 a.m. practices? Are you kidding me? It takes us longer to get to the rink, get dressed and then get undressed than the practices last (45 minutes0. Ugh. But he’s doing well, and skating hard. My dream is not the NHL, that’s silly to think about when a kid is still. I have two dreams. One real and one fantasy. The fantasy is that he get a hockey scholarship to Harvard (who actually does have a good team). Real is that he just doesn’t burn out by 10 and continues through high school.

Big game tonight

Will Albert go off in the derby of soon-to-be free agents seeking to make more than some municipal budgets? It’s Sir Albert against the Beast. Will the squirrels came back and terrorize the Brewers as they did the Phillies and what is a Phily anyway. It should be an epic game with trash-talking, two teams that really don’t like one another and the sub plot of Albert and Prince seeking to make bank.

And of course, I can’t watch the game. Why, you ask? Well, it’s the boy ™’s TV night as he has done all of his homework and we just have one TV in the house. Which means it’s his until bed time but then I have to put both kids to bed and by the time I get downstairs and ready to watch TV, either it’s too late and the game is over or Mrs. Conductor is watching SuperNanny. Sigh. On the plus side, I get to relive my childhood and listen to the game in the dark via radio.

Bob the squirrel

The girl ™ has a new friend, “bob.”

Bob is a squirrel. Any squirrel. he lives in a tree. Any tree. Really.

It started at the beginning of the year when at her daycare, the teachers would have the kids look outside and see if they could the squirrel running around the playground. The kids loved it and somehow the name Bob was attached to the squirrel. Well, now, she sees Bob everywhere. He’s in a tree (even if he isn’t). He’s inserted into songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, American Pie and O’ Canada. (O Bob the Squirrel, he stands on guard, in trees.) Really.

Every picture she draws is Bob. The girl ™ is thrilled with squirrels. We went to Safety Town and she saw a squirrel there. Jumped off her bike, shouted Bob, laughed and then ran over to the squirrel who looked at this little girl toddling towards him and took off.

Does anyone know where I can get a stuffed toy squirrel. That would make her year.

Birthday blues

Yes, it’s about the pain in the ass part of birthdays. The boy’s birthday is coming up later this month and you would think that we were planning a wedding. I did that once. Never want to again. No, it’s not overly complex. It’s a swimming party. No, we don’t have a band, flowers, programs, dresses, suits, food (beyond cake) and all that. So I guess it is not a true pain in the ass.

But it’s such a pain to figure out who to invite. Really. Mrs. Conductor and I have sparred on this and of course, I lost. The pool we are using allows 20 kids under the price they charge. The boy ™ and I as well as Mrs. Conductor found 20 friends and we were good to go. No one was upset at who was left out. Then someone and that person that remain nameless. wondered aloud if we needed to invite his school class. We had seven kids coming but then Mrs. Conductor said, hey, this isn’t right. He’s the first party of the year and we need to invite everyone. I said no, he doesn’t know the kids and it’s too much money. It’s like five bucks more for each kid and we were going to be adding about 10 to 12 kids.

She (Mrs. Conductor) said he’s in kindergarten, you need to invite the whole class. I said no, invite his friends. Having 30 kids is going to be too much. I don’t want to have that many kids in the pool, these kids aren’t all going to come because their parents aren’t going to want to stay there and have to change their kids.

But I lost. At first, she was going to leave out of all his “true” friends for the school but I fought back on that and played the kid card. Got The boy ™ mad that his longtime friends might not come so we are stuck with a party of potentially 30 five and six year olds in a pool. Ugh. No way I am getting into the water now, and there is no way that I am going to sign off on bringing stuff to school now. I’ll lose that too but it is just crazy. Sigh.

The boy is going to have a great time and he’ll get more gifts than he knows what to do with. We are going to do the same thing we did last year which is ration the toys all year long. In fact he just got the last of his birthday presents a week or so ago. It’s just too much if you give a five-year-old 20 toys at one time. They never get played with or get buried in the bottom of a box. So he used all the gifts and had fun. Works for me.