Hockey update

Well, the boy ™ is doing great with youth hockey this year. He scored five goals in his last game and tore it up on the ice. So much so that the coaches had to tell him to stop scoring and pass to the other kids. Of course, as daddy and a coach, I was thrilled. But more importantly than scoring, he was skating well, looking up ice and passing to the kids on his team. Something has clicked in the past few weeks that I don’t get.

The boy ™ has always loved to go out on the ice and skate but he was never that competitive. In fact, in the two plus years of his hockey career, he has never scored that much in a game. Ever in the history of ever! And he was never one to watch hockey on TV or care that much about it. He would tell me that he liked to play the game but not watch it.

Well, lately, he wants to watch games on TV, he wants to listen to games on the radio when he goes to bed or on the computer if it’s not a local game. And he’s paying more attention in practice. For three weeks, which is a lifetime for a kindergartner, he has not gotten in trouble for bad ears or not listening. He has been trying hard in practice, skating hard and at games, busting his tail. He dove to block a shot into the net. Wow. Personally, I love it but I hope he doesn’t get burned out at the age of 10. I want him to play hockey for a while as well, I like the sport. He’s going to do soccer again this summer and I hope T-ball. I figure the more sports he is in, the more well rounded.

And the girl ™. Well, she’s getting ready to take skating lessons when she turns three this spring. She can’t wait though I don’t think she gets what she is signing up for when she says she wants to skate. But she loves hockey, loves the ice rink and cries buckets if she thinks we are going to the rink without her. My guess is that she will hate it initially like the boy because she’s too young and then later, pick it up. But she is just like he was at this age, playing with floor hockey sticks, watching games at the arena or at the rink and loving all the gear either I or the boy ™ has. We’ll see.


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