The snow last week

I know, I have been bad again and again and again. I promise to blog more and share with the 12 people here about my life but let’s face it, I am not that interesting. And well, unlike other bloggers in town, I do have a life outside and not on my computer. Enough about that.

The new year has been pretty good so far. Wish we had more snow. The five inches we got last week was, well, crappy and the city did a terrible job of clearing the streets. I know, it’s the first storm. I know, it was snowing all day and it’s hard to clear when it is snowing. Fine, it’s five inches. Our Town ™ should be able to clear five inches of snow even if it is snowing and even with cars on the road. And I will give credit to say the streets were fine the next day. But come on, I was driving around town and it was sloppy, snow-packed and just a mess.

Mrs. Conductor, however, was happy as our new van, the Mazda5 of Love, did fine in the snow. Apparently, it has some type of traction control on it and she felt like she wasn’t going to die. This the woman who moved from the Deep South 10 years ago and still has never learned how to drive on snow. To her, there is black ice lurking everywhere.

Then, the snow is gone within a day or two and the weather is back to being downright balmy. Only to plummet again to freezing cold. Dammit, make up your mind. If you want to be cold, fine, stay cold. If you want to be hot, stay hot. I can’t get used to the weather and I can’t figure out how to dress. Annoying as hell.

But on the plus side, we park our cars outside and haven’t had to scrap our windows that much nor warm up the cars that much. The kids are okay with it as they don’t have to deal with the snow when they go to school. Oh, they love to play in it but don’t want to have to walk through it to get to the car. That’s the weather update. I’ll report more later.


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