First hockey games

I really do want to blog more about what is happening with the family but who has the time, really. The holidays completely snuck up on me and now I am scrambling to make things right and still make it to work each day. So what’s our big news? The boy had his first two hockey games the past two weeks and did great. He’s scored three times, which is kinda low but more importantly, he’s passing the puck, and watching the plays develop. Scoring on an empty net isn’t the most important thing. For his age level, there are no goalies and no one keeps score. It’s a learn to skate, learn to play program which for six, is just fine.

But he’s passing the puck, helping his teammates and staying focused in the game which is super. And the girl is loving it as well. she’s his biggest fan. Which is another issue because she can’t wait to get out there on the ice. Yet, I have this feeling that when she does, she’s going to realize that ice is cold and hard. Falling sucks. We’ll see but she’ll be three in March so that’s when the lessons start for her.

And of course, we have “that parent” on our squad this year. By “that parent,” I mean the parent who doesn’t get that we don’t keep score, that their son or daughter (to protect the innocent) isn’t going to be the next Wayne Gretzky in one year and for the love of Pete, don’t worry so much. Yes, I realize that you don’t want your child to be the worst on the team (they aren’t) but you don’t have to yell about the coaches, the other players and how your child should score every time they touch the puck. At this age, just enjoy the game, learn the basic idea and move on from there. Ugh. Mom of this child was screaming their little Johnny or Jannie should be in the green dots, the highest level of skaters. Of course, he or she (the child) can’t stop, has trouble turning and falls a lot which is fine for his or her first year on the ice. Oh well, I guess it adds to the experience.


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