It’s Potty-time, yeah yeah

The girl ™ went on the potty twice this morning and now is at the daycare in underpants. She’s thrilled and so proud of herself that it is comical. She’ll walk up to people and tel them, whether she knows them or not, that she want on the potty. Great stuff and now we have a few weeks of lots of soiled clothes but I am seeing an end of the diapers within a few months. That’ll be nice. Though, it does mean that I have to figure out how to take her in the men’s bathroom when she has to go. For you ladies out there, it’s often not the cleanest place in the world and not some place you want to sit down or touch anything. Sigh.

But she’s thrilled, and she’s wearing the boy’s old underwear. yes, we washed it in hot water and yes, it is Spider-man or Cars or something boy like. But she loves it and didn’t want pink princess stuff. Frankly, I think that’s good. I have raged about this for years. Why do girls get the short end of the stick and are forced into only two or three colors and the same Disney Princess images? Let her wear Cars if she wants. Think Danica Patrick of NASCAR. She’s all woman. Just ask Go…


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